Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games

The Sega game involves the most well-known game characters in the world. Mario and Sonic appear along with other characters from the famous Mario and Sonic games. The characters take part in various events that are part of the Olympic Winter Games. There are a lot of different competitive events. You can go through the weeks of events as a single player or along with others. There are two or three events per day in the Festival mode.

From time to time, you'll take part in so-called 'dream events'. In such events, you're playing a main event in an arcade-style mode. You will find yourself in a typical Mario or Sonic game environment. The dream events have a cool appearance. The environment will appeal to anyone who loves the Mario or Sonic games from the past. It's kind of fun to go through the Good Egg Galaxy or other places like that. In fact, you can easily get the impression that the dream environment is somewhat preferable to the regular events! Maybe the game developers should treat the dream environment as the standard.

The biggest problem is the repetitive nature of the events. More variety should have been added to the game. However, the events themselves can be very enjoyable. You'll get various rival challenges from time to time. Passing through the day will depend on whether you can win the challenges posed by the rivals. Some rivals are difficult to defeat. You'll need some skill to beat them.

It generally takes a few hours to go through all the events in the Festival mode. Once you're done with them, you'll unlock the dream events, which can be even better! What can be annoying is the pairing up of the main characters in the game. Some will like the idea. Others will probably think that it is rather weird to see Sonic and Mario together. You'll be able to take part in events such as; snowboarding, skiing, hockey, curling, speed skating, and many others. Is that enough to justify the cost of buying the game? That depends on whether you like the characters and want to see a new game that features them.